Student Code of Conduct

Honor and Integrity 

ABBA Code of Conduct for Students 

Abba supports graduates with fulfilling their God given mission.
Students matriculating at ABBA Bible College (ABC) are expected to adhere to a code of conduct and standards at all times during their learning journey at ABC. Although students are expected to conduct themselves in a moral upright standard during their journey at ABBA, graduates are equally expected to carry themselves in a manner agreeable to the teachings of Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus the Christ). Students failing to adhere to Student Code of Conduct will be held accountable by school Administrators.  For more information students may request a copy of the Student Handbook.

Student Rights 
Students attending ABC have certain rights afforded to them as a student/client attending ABC.

1. Students have a right to quality education.
2. Students have a right to have access to their instructors certain days, times, and during in class sessions. 
3. Students have a right to gain understanding until they have mastered the subject.  
4. Students have a right to ask questions without fear of ridicule, intimidation from peers or instructors.  
5. Students have  a right to complete assignments within reasonable time.  
6. Students have a right to privacy of school, health, and family records according to state and local levels.