Free Courses

Still a bit hesitant on matriculating to begin, continue, or restart your college advancement.  Here are a few minicourses you can to take to prepare you.  These courses are a wealth of information for any novice or those seeking continual development.  Each class has a mini quiz to complete and encourages you to complete the entire program.  The classes are designed to be interesting and allows questions and feedbacks with some of our professors.  

We encourage you to take advantage of these resources.  We look forward to you matriculating in one of our programs and intiating or continuing your education.  If you need further assistance please call 44-ABBA-1348. 

Register for the mini-courses .  We need information so we can send your test results.  

Course List

Intro to Soteriology (Salvation) - Mini                                                               Sex Education - Mini
Intro to Theology (Godstudy )  Mini                                                 Relationsips & Marriage- Mini
Intro to God's Love- Mini                                                                   Prophecy vs/ Predictions- Mini
Working for God- Mini                                                                           Holy-Day vs Halloween- Mini
No Good Deed- Mini                                                                  Financial Matters in Theology- Mini
Judgement for Al                                                                                             The Body/the Temple- Mini