About ABBA Bible College 

AbbA Bible College (ABC) has a complete curriculum that provides a well rounded education for the Bible student.  ABC professors hold terminal degrees in their field.  Many do continuing research adding to the ecclesiastical educational environment and been published.    

Abba Bible College ABC 

Thank you for considering Abba Bible College (ABC) to pursue your degree and knowledge of the Good News.  ABC believes in "knowledge is the gateway, understanding is the destination" (Dr. Miller).  We acknowledge believers need to be equipped beyond ministry.  This means believers need equipping to fulfill the mandate God gave in the beginning.  The Most High God said to Adam "be fruitful and multiply; subdue, have dominion...over every living thing that moves on the earth." Gen. 1:28).  We equip our students with ample knowledge to perform above average in secular and ecclesiastical environments.   
Abba Bible College emphasizes teaching the Good News from a love perspective.  The name Abba is the Hebrew (properly Aramaic) word for Father.  ABC was conceptualized in 2013 by Dr. Weech; but a long-standing vision during Dr. Weech's pastoral journey during 2003.  ABC uses digital technology in its curriculum.  ABC is among the few Bible Colleges that has an above average entry level curriculum, well qualified professors, and an interactive program.  ABC focuses and revisits basic level courses to ensure a proper foundation towards a well-rounded education.  ABC thrives on building scholars and productive students to live and forward the teachings of Jesus Christ/Yeshua the Messiah. 
I thank God for ABC.  The teachers are knowledgeable of the material.  They help make learning easy and less intimidating for people like me.  You know been away from school for a while and wanting to back and not know how.  ABC made it happen.  They are great!
What I appreciated about Abba is the diversity and curriculum.  The curriculum is well rounded and introduced core classes I did not think I would get at a Bible college.  Overall, I am glad to be reintroduced to some remedial coursework. 
Abba Bible College is for the novice and those seeking a college degree in a religious setting.  I would recommend it to others.  Give it a try.